Keeper of Little Secrets

It is Family Day (Sunday February, 2015) and Taheera and Fazilla, the super aunts, and we, the grandparents arrive at my son’s place for tea. Yes, it is family day, but the pull for being at their house is our beloved two and a half year old granddaughter, Layla.

don't tell - sized

There is commotion as we arrive at their home. Layla is as excited to see us as we are to see her. There is hugging and kissing and Lil’Layla being passed on from one aunt to another and then to the grandparents. We want to know what she’s been up to and how was her ballet class on Saturday? Did she have fun swimming the day before? Everyone speaks at the same time.

Soon, Layla is secured in her high-chair at the dining table and the adults are all chatting amongst themselves. Her parents are in the basement catching up with home chores.

Layla is busy with her Elsa and Anna stickers, and being left out of the conversation, feels compelled to speak.

“My mommy has a baby in her tummy,” she says.

There is silence in the room, and we all look at each other.

“Who told you this?” It’s Taheera, super aunt #1.

“My mommy,” replies Layla.

“When did she tell you?”

Layla just nods, swings her legs and says nothing.

“When did she tell you?”

Layla looks at her briefly and then continues to play with her stickers.

Where did she tell you?” the interrogation continues with a twist in the question, from super aunt #2.

This time Layla responds.

“My mommy told me upstairs, and she said not to tell.”


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