Reaching Out

Small, barely four centimeters, that is
And already reaching out to loved ones

Touching them in ways not experienced before

Rendered speechless, grandparents grapple to
describe their happiness and the best they come up
are only words that say, “so, so happy” – but only the
heart feels the heartbeat of the grandchild

(Day two after the announcement).

Whooosh, whoosh, whoosh, heartbeat to heartbeat, the connection is enhanced; then there is the first glimpse of the grandchild… blurry x-ray image, the outer eye, very clear to the inner eye, mom’s nose, dad’s face, arm reaching out to make the first touch… soon, Inshallah.


Our first grandchild – born on July 7, 2012 – at approx 9:45 PM (Saba Saba day in Tanzania)

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