Unopened Windows

How do you thank a friend who opens the little windows
in one’s mind that has remained shut so far?

Unopened windows, awakened and provoked by the friend’s wisdom,

transmitted through stories and poems.

Spoken words of appreciation are only temporary, inadequate to suitably

thank them.
Why so, one may ask?

The wisdom captured during encounters is only the beginning of timeless
mental disputes that continuously provoke the countless unopened

windows in one’s mind.
So, how does one thank such friends?

As one weaves through the maze of life, there will be moments of
inspiration that will undoubtedly remind us of past encounters.
When that happens, take a moment to think of the friend and to utter a


“Oh Beneficent, bless my friend, for today, a new window has opened in my
mind, and by this grace, I have consumed wisdom that is timeless.”

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